Next generation video streaming

Next-Generation Video streaming

nucast is a revolutionary NFT-based creator economy with permissionless content monetization and secondary-market capability.

The platform revolutionizes video-streaming. Creators have better control over their content and consumers have more freedom to buy, watch, and resell the content they want. NFTs act as proof-of-ownership and provide monetization methods that don't exist in Web2.

Nucast uses encrypted video bits that are stored on a decentralized network. Upon user request for streaming, the bits assemble and decrypt for the user to enjoy the content.

Nucast delivers a robust and seamless video-streaming experience without the need for a large, self-serving intermediary

Seamless Experience

Buy video NFTs directly from nucast and enjoy a seamless streaming experience. Resell your video NFTs at any time, if you wish.

Native Video NFTs

Proudly built on Cardano, Nucast leverages powerful blockchain technology. NFTs bought and sold on Nucast are encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner.

Multi Platform

Building a mobile application is a high-priority component of our roadmap. Stream the content you want - anywhere, anytime, in a decentralized manner.

Built For Creators

We passionately aim to help creators maintain better control of their content and allow them to have better monetization options.

New to nucast?

Get rolling with a few simple clicks


Connect a wallet, select a video, buy the corresponding NFT


Enjoy unlimited seamless viewing once the NFT is verified.


All done? You now have the option to sell that NFT (or HODL!)


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